October Nature Happenings

Nature Happenings

  • Bald Eagles and Rough-legged Hawks begin arriving mid-month.
  • Turkey Vultures, Ospreys and Violet-green and Barn Swallows depart.
  • Snow Geese, Canvasback Ducks and Dunlins arrive.
  • Little Brown Bat in hibernaculum for winter
  • Clean out and repair nest boxes; put up roosting boxes.
  • Fall storms push juncos to lower elevation feeding stations - put out millet.
  • Anna's Hummingbirds increase at feeders through the western lowlands of Oregon, Washington and southern BC.
  • Snow Geese arrive in Fraser Valley and Skagit Flats.
  • The last Rufous Hummingbirds leave for the winter. A few Anna's Hummingbirds will overwinter.
  • Evening Grosbeak flocks become common at oil sunflower seed feeders.
  • Varied Thrush begin to be seen in yards more often.
  • Some Clark's Nutcrackers move down in elevation and become more common around bird feeders.
  • Waterfowl migration peaks.
  • Orionids meteor shower is late-October.
  • Join us for a BAT CLASS with wildlife biologists Lorna & Darrell Smith from Western Wildlife Outreach. October 18th at 6pm here at the store, please RSVP to save a seat and we are requesting a $5 donation per person to benefit Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue. 360-797-7100
  • Celebrate OWL-OWEEN on October 26th 11am to 2pm and meet the Educational Owl Ambassadors form Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue. Check out DBWBR's Website to learn about and buy tickets for this years amazing raffle and maybe you could win a Barn Owl Box with a pair of rescued Barn Owls ready for release for your propertyOwloween is for Everyone 2019