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Mason Bees are Natures Super Pollinators!
Mason Bee Class 2018
The Native Mason Bee is a miracle of Nature! These Bees are perfectly made to pollinate your spring booming trees, bushes and flowers. Did you know that 250 Mason Bees can accomplish the same amount of pollination that 40,000 -  yes, 40,000 - Honey Bees can.  Mason Bees are non-aggressive, non-hive forming and require much less care than honey bees too. PLUS - they are a Native Species of Bee!  We get our bees from a trusted friend on West Sequim Bay.  Join our class on March 214th from 9am to 11am with our very own WBU Gardiner owner Christie Lassen.   Dont miss this family friendly, educational talk about how to maximize your pollination and fruit production with the industrious Mason Bee!
Bee Kind Bee Gentle Bee Prepared for Spring



Feed the Birds and Save the World

Feed the Birds and Save the World You Can Make a Difference! Feeding birds in your back yard positivly affects biodiversity

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Soroptimist booth 2017

Join us at the Soroptimist Garden Gala! March 17th & 18th at the Sequim Boys & Girls Club

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Flaming NM Cyl for Homepage

Squirrels Driving You Cray-Cray? Flaming Hot No Mess Cylinders

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