Gardiner, Washington

275953 Highway 101
Gardiner, WA 98382
Mile Post 276 on Highway 101

 (360) 797-7100

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Marc & Christie Lassen Franchise Store Owners

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We are Thankful!

November is Here and We are Feeling Thankful!
& To Show our Thanks
We are Giving You FREE* Seed!

Buy a Medium Supreme Green Tube Feeder and get a 5lb bag of our awesome No Mess LM seed FREE* Or buy a versatile Eco-Clean Dinner Bell Feeder and get a FREE* 2lb No Mess Cylinder!
WBU Tube Feeders and Dinner Bells are all Lifetime Guaranteed, Easy to Clean & Made in the USA!

And as an added bonus for you early birds we will have these deals pre-wrapped and ready for your holiday nature gift giving needs!

*One 5lb bag of No Mess LM per Medium Green Tube Feeder only. *One 2lb No Mess Seed Cylinder per Eco-Clean Dinner Bell Feeder only. Prewrap available while supplies last. Sale ends 11/18/18.


Feed the Birds and Save the World

Feed the Birds and Save the World You Can Make a Difference! Feeding birds in your back yard positivly affects biodiversity

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Seed Bag Recycle Bin

Recycle, Reuse & Remeber! Recycle all your WBU Seed Bags with Us

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Flaming NM Cyl for Homepage

Squirrels Driving You Cray-Cray? Flaming Hot No Mess Cylinders

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