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Fall Seed Sale 2017

Now is the Time to Create Some Magic in Your Backyard!

Get the best prices of the season on all 20 & 25lb Bags of our WBU Bird Seeds & Blends!

We have regionally formulated seed blends that will bring in the birds you want to your backyard.  WBU guarantees that there will never be any filler seeds in any of our blends. We also have the cleanest No Mess Blends around! No Mess means No Mess at our Store!  Check out our line of Hot Pepper Products too! Hot No Mess Cylinders & Stackables are now available.

Speaking of Cylinders & Stackables - They are on Sale too! All our Specialty Foods are Mix and Match: Buy 5, Get 6th FREE! That includes Suet, Cylinders, Stackables, Meal Worms, Nuggets, Seed Characters, Seed Bells, Wreaths & More!

Feed the Birds and Save the World

Feed the Birds and Save the World You Can Make a Difference! Feeding birds in your back yard positivly affects biodiversity

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Owloween 2017

Owl-Oween 2017 Owl-Oween Party for Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue 10/29/17

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Flaming NM Cyl for Homepage

Squirrels Driving You Cray-Cray? Flaming Hot No Mess Cylinders

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