Wild Bird Rescue & Rehabilitation

We have the best Wild Bird Rescue Centers here on the Olympic Peninsula dedicated to helping our wildlife.

Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue will help.

Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue

Please call Cindy Daily at 360-379-0802 or 360-302-6495.

What to do if you find a sick or injured bird
Please follow the instructions below. You can bring the bird to our Wild Birds Unlimited Store or call us and we will come collect the bird if possible. (360)797-7100. We are covered under the wildlife permit of our local rehabbers for transportation.

Place it in a small box lined with paper towels.
Cover the box and place it where the bird will be warm, dark and quiet, like a closet.
If you have a heating pad, turn it on to low and set the box on top of it. Two other ways to provide warmth are to fill a ziploc bag with warm water (warm to the touch of your wrist) and place it in the box with the bird, or, fill a sock with salt, heat it in the microwave and place it in the box.
Do not feed or give water to the bird!
Call the appropriate organization and leave a brief message with your name, telephone number, the type of bird, if known, and the nature of the injury. Be brief. The organizations are staffed mostly by volunteers, so be patient until you are called. All calls are triaged, so it may take a while for them to get back to you. Please leave a donation to help cover the cost of treating the bird.

If you find a baby bird

If you find a baby bird outside its nest, wait to see if it is abandoned and not merely resting while learning to fly. The parents are often nearby and are continuing to care for it. If the baby is injured or you’re sure it’s not being cared for contact a wildlife rehabber. For more information on finding a baby bird please click on this link.